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The speed with which Germany and USA were able to successfully train their armed forces during World War II - with the help of training films - awakened the world to the potential of using this medium for nation building activities.

After independence in 1947, when our government embarked on a programme to reorient school education and undertake adult education on a massive scale, our founders pioneered promoting the use of audio-visual media for the purpose and contributed to the effort by providing a wide range of short films for use in school classrooms as well for use in rural areas on subjects like health, sanitation, agricultural practices, literacy, cooperatives, family planning, etc.

Over the last 60 years, with the changing overall scenario coupled with technological advances, there has been a sea change in the shape of things and the products offered by us have evolved accordingly, keeping pace with the needs of the times.

However, one thing has remained constant: Our Commitment To Our Customers - to provide them with the best in the field and as economically as possible. No wonder, Multi Media HRD has come to be recognised as the most dependable one-stop-shop for learning resources.