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What is the procedure for procuring the various Training Resources offered by Multi Media HRD

There are several ways to procure these resources and finding yourself on our website gets you half way there already!

You can create an account and add to your shopping cart the items you wish to purchaset. Click "Proceed to Checkout", fill in the shipping/billing details and click on "Send Order". On receiving your inquiry/order we will send you our final quotation inclusive of shipping charges and taxes.

Or, You may email us on, the list of items you wish to purchase or alternatively just contact us on +91-22-22032281 to speak with one of our sales executives.

In the case of Videos/DVDs, you would need to fill in the Copyright Declaration form on the letterhead of your company and send in the same before we can process your order. You may download this directly from our website. We will only be able to process your order once we receive the same.

We are looking for resources on a specific topic will you be able to assist?

Yes, just email us and we shall be happy to suggest suitable products on the topics of your choice.

Can you send your representative with DVDs etc. to our place to let us evaluate the products.

Excerpts/clippings of most of our DVDs can be viewed on our website. In the alternative, customers can visit our office where one can view the various training resources that we offer.

Do Multi Media conduct training?

We do not conduct training but can suggest names of qualified trainers for you to contact.

Do your Videos come with support materials to help our trainers and trainees.

Yes! Most of our videos are accompanied with support material such as Facilitatorís Guide, Participant Workbook, PPT Slides, Audio CDs, etc. Most of these are provided on a CD-ROM. Details thereof appear against each title.

Can we use the videos we have purchased to train individuals other than our employees?

No, It is illegal to use these videos to train individuals other than your employees. In case you wish to use the videos to train other individuals please contact us.

Our company has several offices in the country do we need to purchase separate videos for each location.

You can use our videos anywhere in the country within your organization to conduct training. However to conduct training simultaneously at other locations you will need to purchase separate copies for each location.

If the DVD gets damaged over time, is there a warranty?

Yes (except for a few titles). Our replacement warranty is valid for 3 years from date of purchase. If your video gets damaged, just return it and we will replace it for only Rs.700/- + GST + shipping charges. This offer can be availed of only once and within 3 years of purchase and provided the title is still in circulation.

If the purchased copy is lost do you replace the same?

This will be considered as a fresh order and you will need to repurchase the same at the current price.

Is an e-learning/streaming option available for the videos?

We will soon be launching an e-learning/streaming portal wherein several of these videos would be available.

What's your product delivery time?

Most of our products are available from ready stock and are dispatched within 3-4 working days from the date of receipt of your final order. Certain items may take longer if not in stock

Do you have training videos in languages other than English

Yes, we have versioned some of our Management videos and Safety videos into Hindi and Indian English. Kindly email us for a list.

Can we place a video on our intranet or network?

Please let us know if you have such a requirement and we shall let you know the position.

What are your video formats and how to we play them?

All the videos are available in DVD format. Majority of these are in PAL, and some of them in NTSC. You can play these on a DVD Player or on a Computer or a Laptop using various software such as Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player, Power DVD, etc.

We have previously purchased films from you in VHS format, is it possible to have them replaced in DVD format?

Please send us the list of films and we shall let you know the position.

What are the shipping methods available, do you charge additionally for them?

We send materials through courier and shipping charges are shown separately in the final quote submitted to you.

Do you have any special corporate discounts?

Most of these products are sold in India at highly discounted prices as compared to their standard international price and as such no further discount is possible thereon. Discounts, if any, are offered on purchase of multiple copies of the same title.

Do you provide previews of your videos for evaluation?

There are over 700 video programs (excerpts) that can be previewed online at our website. The titles that have previews available online have an image below them that says 'Preview Available'. Another way to find these titles is to use the navigational section at the bottom of every page. Select 'Online Previews' under 'Products' and you will get a list of all such titles.

For full previews you may kindly visit our office with prior appointment. Our timings are 10-6 on week days & 10-4 on Saturday. Email us on or call +91-22-22032281 / 82 /83.

Can I preview the support materials?

Yes, Support materials for several titles are available to preview online. You can also view sample activities for several of the Toolkits/Activity packs.

I can't view any videos! I only get a black box or a rotating circle! Why?

Here are some suggestions that may help you:

Make sure that you have "cookies" turned on within your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.) as this is needed for our site to work correctly.

Update to the latest version of the Flash Player. Visit the Adobe Flash Player version test page to check what version of Flash is currently being used by your browser. ( This page also shows the latest version of the Flash Player available for your system, which can be downloaded free from the Flash download center.

Certain videos require a Windows Media Plugin to be installed. Please check if your browser needs this.

Please ensure that if you have a firewall at your organization, it is configured to allow streaming video. A firewall can make it difficult to receive video streams over the Internet. Although most firewalls now are "intelligent" and have the ability to recognize that you have requested a legitimate video and/or audio stream, you may still have to contact your IT department or network administrator to confirm this.

Check your Internet connection speed. If it is a dial-up or anything slower than a DSL or cable-modem, you may not be able to view the stream properly. Finally, please close any other programs on your computer when you are viewing the preview stream. You want all available RAM and computer resources free to be able to have the best possible viewing experience. It sometimes helps to do a "restart" on your computer to clear out the memory and get your best performance.