5 Communication Secrets, The - Business Ed.

That Swept Obama to the Presidency

Media Type - DVD
Author - Richard Greene

This breakthrough-training package includes a 47-minute DVD that provides easy, step-by-step lessons illustrated by videos of President Obamas own speeches.  Presented by renowned communication expert Richard Greene, the creator of the 5 Secrets, the package is enhanced by multimedia supporting materials and is designed to quickly advance the presentation and public speaking skills of all participants.  Employees that have the consistent ability to inspire and unite, to convey a vision of accomplishment and stimulate action in pursuit of a goal, and to articulate the companys mission and future, are invaluable assets in moving your organization forward.

Mr. Greene has coached world leaders, CEOs and CFOs of Fortune 500 companies to strengthen their skills in business and personal communication, message development, media training, speech writing.  He has demonstrated remarkable results in helping clients overcome the fear of public speaking, a service he provided to Princess Diana in 1996.  In this DVD he demonstrates how every employee can learn and improve their communication with co-workers, customers and clients, while at the same time strengthening their connection with and commitment to the organizations mission.

Includes:  DVD, CD Support Package Includes: Facilitators Guide, Participant Workbook, PowerPoint Presentation ands Reminder Cards

The Time Is Now…

The current difficult economic conditions have created unbelievable stress for people, in their professional lives and their personal relationships. It’s more important than ever for them to be able to communicate effectively, both to stand out in the workplace and to better deal with contentious situations at home. I believe that by learning and applying these five secrets, people can dramatically advance their careers and improve personal interaction.
Richard Greene

  • Support Material - Facilitator's Guide, Participant Workbook, PPT & Reminder Cards on CD-ROM
    Length - 47 minutes
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