9 Deadliest Sins of Communication, The

Gain proven, practical solutions to some of the most common workplace communication problems

Media Type - Audio CD
Subject(s) - Communication

You can trace almost every workplace failure or faux pas to poor communication skills on someone’s part. But most foul-ups could have been averted - if people only knew The 9 Deadliest Sins of Communications and how to avoid them. Whether you’re the guilty party - or it’s your boss, co-worker or customer who’s at fault - this program offers solutions that can dramatically improve the way you communicate with each other. Issuing instructions, pitching your case, relaying information - all your communications will become clearer and concise, thanks to this powerful training.

Program highlights:
• How to derail Charging Rhinos (people who love to monopolize conversations)
• How to get “meanderers” to come to the point

• Facing up to “confrontation phobia”

  • Publisher - CareerTrack
    Length - 3 hours 28 minutes
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    Price - INR 4,500
  • Set of 4 Audiocassettes