A Kick In The Attitude

Award Winner

Media Type - DVD
Author - Sam Glenn
Subject(s) - Attitudes , Motivation

Let’s face it, we can all benefit from a positive attitude. In fact, we can all use a good “Kick In The Attitude” now and then. But how do you do it? Well, Sam Glenn has the answer – and you’ll laugh as you learn in this humorous and motivational video.

We cannot control what goes on around us but we can control our perceptions, responses and actions, which ultimately form our attitude.

That’s the message in Sam Glenn’s “A Kick In The Attitude” video. This video will inspire you, make you laugh, and help you improve employee attitude and customer relationships!

Sam Glenn is an author and motivational speaker. He invigorates audiences with sidesplitting humor, inspirational insights, and candid simplicity. Sam is regarded as the Authority on Attitude™.


  • Lighten Up
  • Keep Your Perspective
  • Reject Negativity
  • Practice!

  • Support Material - Leader's Guide and PPT
    Length - 23 minutes
  • Pricing
    Price - INR 19,750
    Intl. Price - US$ 495.00

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