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Adversity Quotient Series

Media Type - DVD
Subject(s) - Strategy

Paul Stoltz has done something remarkable: He synthesizes some of the most important information on how we influence our own future and then offers a profound set of observations that teaches us how to thrive in a fast-changing world.” — Joel Barker

We each face an average of 23 adversities a day – and AQ is the precise, measurable, and unconscious pattern of how individuals respond to adversity of all types, from petty annoyances to life-altering strategies. AQ predicts – with statistical reliability – who will prevail, who’ll give up, and who’ll crumble in the face of adversity.

Through 20 years of research, Paul Stoltz, best selling author on adversity has discovered good news – AQ can be substantially and permanently increased! We can improve our ability to deal with adversity. The program offers powerful and practical tools to strengthen AQ. Don’t face adversity without it.

Video 1: Adversity Quotient (19 min)

Video 2: Adversity Quotient @ Work (24 min)

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