Apollo 13: Leadership

Down-to-earth lessons for you and your organization

Media Type - DVD
Author - Jim Lovell,Jim Belasco

With Jim Lovell (commander of Apollo 13) and Jim Belasco (author of Flight of the Buffalo and Teaching the Elephant to Dance).

Featuring actual footage from the 1970 Apollo 13 mission, you will learn the leadership, teamwork and crisis management strategies that brought the crew of Apollo 13 down to earth safely against incredible odds. Imagine everyone on your team performing with grace, courage, and confidence.

The same steely-eyed determination displayed by Tom Hanks, portraying Commander Jim Lovell in the award-winning major motion picture Apollo 13.

Everyone at every level in your organization thinking just as creatively, firing on all cylinders. Everyone focused and prepared.Daily problems are met and overcome.

Your most difficult challenges are turned aside, transformed from possible disaster into astonishing success. Day in and day out.

Learn how to:

• Frame and fashion your Vision and Values
• Instill Accountability in all Team members
• Build Winning Teams
• Stand tall in a Crisis.

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    Length - 30 minutes
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