Apprentice, The: Case Studies on Teamwork and Team Leadership

Media Type - DVD
Subject(s) - Leadership , Teams

Task - Pitching and presenting an ad campaign

The core lesson illustrated by this programme is that successful teams are both effective, which means doing the right job, and efficient, which means doing the job right. By using real life business examples the programme clearly demonstrates the need for a strong team with a common purpose if the enterprise is to succeed. Effective teams know where they are going and, in broad terms, how they are going to get there. They have a clear objective and a clear sense of direction.

Efficient teams have five key qualities:

  • They are more than a collection of individuals - they balance different roles and play to members’ strengths
  • They have a clear, systematic plan, but not one that is set in stone
  • They manage relationships, both inside and outside the team
  • They discuss ideas and problems and make sure everyone is on the same wavelength
  • They learn from experience - they adapt to what they do and what happens to them

Team leadership:
Task - Organising an event on Tower Bridge

Organising an event on the walkways of Tower Bridge would present a challenge to anyone. However Michelle is able to learn and build upon her previous experience to become The Apprentice. This programme uses Michelle's experiences in this and earlier tasks, to focus on the key skills of team leadership.

What do team leaders do?

  • Leaders set direction
  • Leaders balance the needs of the task, the team and the individuals

How do they do it?

  • Leaders set an example
  • Leaders take responsibility
  • Leaders take risks
  • Leaders vary their style

The key outcomes

  • Increase productivity and motivation by learning to work well as part of a team
  • Learn skills to resolve all problems associated with working as part of a team
  • Achieve more as an effective team leader

Learning chapters:

Case study on teamwork - Pitching and presenting an ad campaign

  • An introduction to teamwork
  • Effective teams
  • Effective teams – are greater than the individual
  • Effective teams – have a flexible plan
  • Effective teams – adapt and learn
  • Effective teams – communicate
  • Effective teams – manage relationships

Case study on team leadership – Organising an event on Tower Bridge

  • An introduction to team leadership
  • Taking risks
  • Setting direction
  • Leading from the front
  • Straying from the task
  • Assessing the task
  • Role modeling
  • Balancing different needs
  • Reacting
  • Leading from the team
  • Summary
Style:  Documentary

  • Support Material - Coure leader's guide, Delegate worksheets, Self-study guides, Customisable presentable slides
    Length - 60 minutes
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