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Automation Control & Instrumentation Series

This series comprises of 63 units divided into 12 subject areas.

Media Type - Interactive CD-ROM

INSTRUCTIONAL FEATURES Each interactive CD-ROM program in this series includes up-to-date MPEG full-motion video, audio, three-dimensional graphics, animation, and simulation exercises—all to stimulate and involve the trainee in real-life experiences and maintenance procedures. This program is a Windows® application with course management network capabilities. Each CD-ROM unit can be customized with site-specific information. Generic pretests and posttests are included, with the added capability of creating custom tests. An online glossary and an online test feature are provided for ease of reference. The automated Course Management System for Windows keeps track of all trainee test scores, log times, and site-information access and provides custom reporting options.

This program is designed to enhance maintenance troubleshooting skills of Instrumentation and Control (I&C) Technicians. The curriculum provides technicians with an understanding of process plant safety considerations and working conditions, an overview of the processes, a foundation of technical knowledge, and specific training on the complex equipment found in today’s industrial environment.

The benefits of this one-on-one delivery system include: reduction of learning time, consistency of delivery, increase in mastery scores, automated recordkeeping, increased motivation, greater retention, privacy, and remedial or refresher training. Additional benefits include increased trainee interest and flexible scheduling. Also, training units accommodate all learning styles through a variety of media presentation formats.

Each CD-ROM comes with one unit overview and five handbooks. Additional support material includes one Administrator Guide and one User Guide. The standalone Course Management System (CMS) software is provided “free of charge” with the purchase of the first training unit. The CMS software and guide are provided for record keeping and reporting. The CMS also allows for customized testing and the incorporate of site-specific information. A network version of the CMS is available.

Introduction Principles of Calibration Principles of Control Introduction to Control and Data Systems The Human-Machine Interface Basic Electrical Test Equipment Digital and Analog Oscilloscopes

Principles Pneumatic Controls Field Devices – Temperature, Pressure & Weight Field Devices – Level & Flow Field Devices – Analytical Field Devices – Analog Configuration Field Devices – Using Field Communicators Field Devices – Configuring with a Laptop PC Troubleshooting DCS I/Os Procedures Troubleshooting DCS I/Os Practices Introduction to Distributed Control Systems Smart Controllers Troubleshooting Loops Tuning Loops Single Loop Control Multiple Loop Control

Introduction Setting Up and Troubleshooting Fiber Optic Systems

Architecture, Types & Networks Numerics Ladder Logic and Symbology I/O Communication Introduction to Programming

Variable Speed Drives
Introduction to VSDs Applications Systems Integration

  • Support Material - One User Guide and Five Handbooks with each unit/title
    Length - 1 to 2 hours each
  • Call/Email for pricing.

  • US$1995 each