Basic Facilitation

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Ask employees at your company what they think of meetings, and they'll probably roll their eyes and grumble, yet research shows that managers and team members spend from 20% to 40% of their time in meetings, and salespeople spend more than 40%.

Basic Facilitation is an engaging half-day workshop that teaches facilitators how to run dynamic, effective meetings. Filled with a wealth of invaluable information, the Basic Facilitation video and workbook share practical skills on the meeting process and secrets for increasing productivity and improving group interactions.

So instead of running meetings that meander and fail to interest participants, your facilitators will create effective group interactions that inspire and motivate employees to achieve individual and corporate goals.

Basic Facilitation teaches participants how to:

• Open a meeting
- Room setup
- Set an enthusiastic tone
- Make introductions
- Establish ground rules
• Run a meeting
- Manage the discussion
- Balance participation
- Manage transitions
- Identify strategic moments
- Use the group's resources
• Handle disruptive behavior
- Identify different types of
         disruptive behaviors
- Learn sure-fire strategies for
         dealing with difficult participants
• Close a meeting
- Review agenda
- Summarize decisions and
- Determine remaining issues
- Manage follow-up actions
- Evaluate meeting

A hands-on workshop, Basic Facilitation uses interactive roleplays and video vignettes that keep participants excited about the material and that help them to use what they've learned at their next meeting. Basic Facilitation also teaches vital skills including: how to listen, how to give and receive feedback, and how to turn disruptive individuals -"snipers," "overbearers," "rushers,"and "avoiders" - into constructive participants.

  • Support Material - Faciltator's Guide, PPT Presentation
    Length - 21 minutes
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