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Case of the Vanishing Customers, The

Coping with customer conflict

Media Type - DVD

This humorous drama helps companies to deal more effectively - and enjoy better relationships - with suppliers and internal customers. It is set in the peaceful village of Striving-under-Stress, where emotions are getting in the way of business relationships. Enter amateur sleuth Miss Craddock, who explains how people can recognise and control their emotions.

Local florist Mr Garden learns how not to take offence at a customer's comments (an unwanted emotional response) but to interpret them in a positive manner, as a carefully thought-out and constructive response.

Similarly, ticket inspector Dick Tulip learns how to control his anger at a customer's enquiry and replace it with an understanding of the customer's problem.

With Miss Craddock's assistance, the whole town learns to put them-selves in their customer's shoes and act in a way that offers help.

It effectively teaches the lessons of how to 'stop, think, act' in all business dealings, both external and internal.

The key outcomes:

  • Learn to recognise and use emotions to change other peoples attitudes
  • Benefit your business by achieving more positive relationships

Learning chapters:

  • Instruction
  • Inspector Balfour seeks Ms Craddock’s help
  • Unwanted emotions
  • Distinguishing between wanted and unwanted emotions
  • Thinking before you feel
  • Summary

Style:  Humorous Drama

  • Support Material - Discussion Guide
    Length - 32 mins
  • Pricing
    Price - INR 34,750
    Intl. Price - US$ 870.00