Chanakya In You

An Exclusive Tool-Kit to apply Chanakya's Seven Pillars Construct in your Business, Career & Life

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Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai in association with Chanakya Institute of Public Leadership (a part of University of Mumbai) bring to you a tool-kit to gain ancient knowledge, to be more proficient and to enhance your chances for business success.

Chanakya, also known as 'The King Maker' created 'the seven pillars contruct' which is featured in 'The Arthashastra' written by him in 4th century B.C. This seven pillars construct rightfully served as a guideline to the Kings and Emperors on how to manage and run their kingdom successfully. Parallelly applying this contruct to modern business, the seven Business Guru's in each of these DVDs provide us with their insights as they have evolved to the present state in their respective fields. Thier experiences and solutions that they have derived to face various difficulties will prove to be of great help to all entreprenerus, CEOs, Leaders and Managers to further enhance their abilities and become more successful in life.

The kit unveils a detailed study of 'Chanakya's seven pillars construct' which comprises Leadership, Management, Marketing, Infrastructure, Finance, Team handling and Mentoring. According to Chanakya an indepth study of these 7 pillars, lays a strong foundation to run a successful kingdom in his days, and in contemporary times to run a successful business. Through this kit we unveil a successful structure taught by Chanakya years ago. Hence the tool kit will train you to build a successful organization that manifests fortitude & cohesion. It also inspires and moulds good performers to be future leaders. It is a bible on Indian management and strategy practices which would add value to Decision Makers, Leaders & Managers in companies including SME's, Start Ups, Entrepreneurs, Management Institutes, Colleges, Libraries, Trainers and Training Institutes.

7 Steps to a successful Chanakya In You:
1. Watch the film Chanakya Speaks
2. Watch the DVD on each pillar
3. Answer questions in the manual on that pillar.
4. Ask your mentor/friends for comments & suggestions
5. Analyse the answers & comments
6. Create an action plan & implement
7. Review your progress with your mentor/friends & re-implement

Why Chanakya in You?
1. To inspire and mould good performers to be future leaders
2. To build a successful organisation that manifests fortitude and cohesion
3. To be more efficient and effective
4. To experience a dose of self discovery and transformation
5. To face and overcome business challenges
6. To get time tested ancient Indian yet universally relevant business knowledge
7. To get a course in experiential management and economic practices.

Depicted by Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai and featuring industry stalwarts like:
Narayan Murthy (Infosys)
Santrupt Mishra (Aditya Birla Group)
Vinita Bali (Britannia)
Subrato Bagchi (Mind Tree)
Raamdeo Agrawal (Motilal Oswal)
D Sivanandhan (Dir Gen Police)

Chanakya In You comprises:
7 DVDs on 7 pillars (Leadership, Management, Marketing, Infrastructure, Finance, Teamwork, Friendship & Mentoring)
1 Film: Chanakya Speaks 
1 Manual: Chanakya In You
3 Audio Books: Corporate Chanakya (Leadership, Management and Training)
1 Book: Corporate Chanakya

"A lot of students, teachers, managers, leaders and people at large will benefit from this; the way I did."
-Dr. Rajan M. Welukar (Hon'ble - Vice Chancellor, University of Mumbai)

"The kit provides as an auxiliary material for students and highlights rich Indian wisdom and its application to modern business. Very educative and resourceful. It can be used as a guide to define goals for your personal and professional life too."
- Prof. Parimal Merchant (Director, centre for Family Managed Business - S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research)

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