Chapter 1: Fortune & Ability

Part of the 'Mind of a Leader 1' series

Media Type - DVD
Author - Benjamin Holk Henriksen & Fredrik Lassenius
Subject(s) - Leadership

In chapter I in ‘The Prince’: ‘How many kinds of principalities there are, and in what manner they are acquired’ Niccolò Machiavelli a.o. specifies that principalities are either new or they are hereditary. The new principalities are either entirely new or they are annexed to the hereditary state of the prince who acquires them. They are acquired either by the conqueror’s own army or by the arms of others, or by fortune or ability.

To what extent do Machiavelli’s thoughts apply to the roles and responsibilities of modern leaders from different countries, cultures and trades? What criteria determine success or failure? What is the impact of fortune and ability on a career?

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