Chapter 12: The Use of Consultants

Part of the 'Mind of a Leader 1' series

Media Type - DVD
Author - Benjamin Holk Henriksen & Fredrik Lassenius
Subject(s) - Leadership

In chapter XII in ‘The Prince’: ‘Of the different kinds of troops, and of mercenaries’ Machiavelli a.o. states that if any one attempts to found his state on mercenaries, he will never be secure, as they are disunited, ambitious, and without discipline, faithless and braggarts amongst friends, but cowards amongst enemies. Mercenary troops are not influenced by affection, or by any other consideration except their small payment, which is not enough to make them willing to die for you. A prince should always command the army himself.

To what extent do Machiavelli’s thoughts apply to the roles and responsibilities of modern leaders from different countries, cultures and trades? What are the pros and cons of using hired help instead of own personnel? When and how should we use external consultants?

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  Jørgen Vig Knudstorp
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