Chapter 14: Studying Great Leaders and Staying Alert

Part of the 'Mind of a Leader 1' series

Media Type - DVD
Author - Benjamin Holk Henriksen & Fredrik Lassenius
Subject(s) - Leadership

In chapter XIV in ‘The Prince’: ‘Of the duties of a prince in relation to military matters’ Machiavelli a.o. specifies that a prince should have no other thought or object so much at heart, and make no other thing so much his especial study, as the art of war and the organisation and discipline of his army; for that is the only art that is expected of him who commands. And he should study it in time of peace as much as in actual war. This can be done by practical exercise, and by scientific study. A prince must not only keep his troops well disciplined and exercised, accustomed to hardships, he should also read history, and therein study the actions of eminent men and examine the causes of their victories and defeats, so that he may imitate the former and avoid the latter. But above all he should follow the example of a distinguished man he may have chosen for his model; assuming that someone has been specially praised, and always keep his deeds and actions before him.

To what extent do Machiavelli’s thoughts apply to the roles and responsibilities of modern leaders from different countries, cultures and trades? How important is it to study great leaders and to stay alert?

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