Chapter 18: Personal Appearance

Part of the 'Mind of a Leader 1' series

Media Type - DVD
Author - Benjamin Holk Henriksen & Fredrik Lassenius
Subject(s) - Leadership

In chapter XVIII ‘In what manner princes should keep their faith’ Machiavelli says a.o. things that to have and to practice all qualities constantly is pernicious, while appearing to have them is useful. You should seem to be merciful, faithful, humane, religious, and upright, and should even be so in reality; but you must be able to change to the opposite, when occasion requires it… Men judge more by the eye than by the hand. Everybody sees what you seem to be, but few really feel what you are; and these few dare not oppose the opinion of the many, for the actions of all men, and especially those of princes, are judged by the result.

To what extent does Machiavelli’s thought’s apply to the roles and responsibilities of modern leaders from different countries, cultures and trades? How important is personal appearance and charisma for a modern leader?

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