Cheetah In Your Business, The

Part of 'Lessons from the Wild' Series

Media Type - DVD

Organisational success today depends on being able to fast-track experience. As competition for talent increasingly becomes a global phenomenon, the ability of staff, supervisors and managers alike to share experience becomes critical. How do we do that? How do we ensure that someone with the right knowledge, skills, aptitude and attitude gets the right experience? Through good coaching and positive performance management – that’s how!

In this Lesson from the Wild we learn from the mother cheetah as she uses the four basic steps to being a successful coach to pass on her knowledge and skills to her cubs – these four critical elements of what we in business call Action Coaching.

In nature there are no second chances and the competition is intense. “Survival of the fittest” increasingly applies to those organisations that succeed in today’s world. Good coaching is what prepares people, gives them the right experience and raises their performance to a level they could not have achieved on their own


  • Self-awareness
  • Performance improvement
  • Performance breakthrough
  • Change

  • Support Material - Facilitator’s Guide, Delegate’s Workbook, and OHPs
    Length - 16 minutes
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