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Clear Communication

Media Type - DVD

Overview ------------- This training program: * describes the four key elements of interpersonal communication, identifies common barriers to effective listening, and explains how these barriers affect the communication process, * explains what active listening is and describes typical characteristics of active listeners, * describes effective methods for improving listening skills, * explains what nonverbal communication is and describes how it affects interpersonal communication, * describes common types of communication filters, explains the difference between statements of fact and statements of assumption, and describes how the use of facts and evidence can improve interpersonal communication, * describes ways to help ensure that listeners receive a message as the speaker intended, without distortion or misunderstanding, * describes the use of clarification questions, paraphrasing, and summarizing as feedback techniques, and * describes how active listening and emotional control can be used for effective reception of feedback from other people. Subjects ------------ Listening Skills * THE COMMUNICATION PROCESS * ACTIVE LISTENING * IMPROVING LISTENING SKILLS Speaking Skills * NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION * FILTERS, FACTS, AND ASSUMPTIONS * GETTING THE MESSAGE ACROSS Feedback Techniques * GIVING FEEDBACK * RECEIVING FEEDBACK

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