Communication in the Workplace Series

Set of 5 Videos

Media Type - DVD

This 5 part Workplace Communication Series covers all aspects of communication in the modern day workplace including exploring what is communication, written communication and how to get it right, conflict, negotiation and the vital issue of customer service - both internally and external customers.

The Nature of Workplace Communication
(27 minutes)
This informative program is about communicating in the workplace and follows a week in the life of fictional cleaning company Clean as Krystal. With manager Barry Walton as your guide, this program covers topics such as:

  • What is communication?
  • Barriers to effective communication
  • Communication at work
  • Effective workplace communication skills

Writing in the Workplace (23 minutes)
This engaging program provides an overview of the purposes and advantages of writing as a medium and the advantages and disadvantages of writing compared with speaking. It covers the following areas:
  • Defining writing
  • Advantages and disadvantages of writing
  • Five steps to writing
  • Five 'whats' to writing
  • Presentation
Conflict Management (27 minutes)
Set in the production office of fictional current affairs program Sighted, this program provides a dramatic perspective on the place of conflict in workplace communications and explores strategies for dealing with everyday conflict situations. The program deals with the more ordinary communications that go wrong, the personal and workplace costs of these and the possibilities of avoiding such situations and/or dealing constructively with them when they occur.

Negotiation in the Workplace (25 minutes)
In everyday life, negotiation is an important communication skill. This program explores the fundamentals and intricacies of the negotiation process through a fictional scenario of a high school teacher attempting to organise a training camp for her basketball team with her travel agent. The program explores the five stages of the negotiation process, including preparation for negotiation, negotiating, bargaining and confirmation.

Customer Service (23 minutes)
This program focuses on both internal and external customers and clients using a fictional current affairs show 'On this Day' and its presenter Naomi Henderson as a case study. Insufficient attention to the needs of external customers can result in a loss of sales and profit for an organisation. Loss of sales, jobs and productivity can also be a product of poor internal service. The program looks at the following:
  • Defining customer service and customers
  • What makes for better customer service practices
  • The customer transaction
  • Sustaining good customer service
  • Concluding the customer transaction
  • Dealing with difficult customers

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    Length - 5 videos: 125 minutes
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