Communication is the Key!

Media Type - Game
Subject(s) - Communication

You're on a pub crawl - but with a purpose. While one team has to collect empty bottles, the other has to collect full ones. But (unless they tell each other) neither team knows what the other team is up to. They tend to assume that their task is the same!

How it Works:
The objective for both teams is to plan routes that jointly earn them maximum points. But how long will it take them to realize that the tasks they've been set are slightly different? Their only method of communication is by 'e-mail' through the computer - and by brief meetings every thirty minutes - at which only one member of each team can speak. Teams simply put their proposed routes into the computer and, as a final task, each team has to draw the other team's flag as described to them via the computer or at one of the meetings.

What it Does:
Even an apparently simple exercise is riddled with unexpected problems. And this exercise proves it! Teams learn how to build a business relationship through actual experience, as participants learn to work together to solve the problem that faces them. They'll practise active listening and questioning and learn the importance of clarity in both written and verbal communication.

Other Skills:
* Problem Solving
* Planning
* Teamwork
* Decision making

  • Publisher - Northgate Training
    Support Material - Trainer's Guide, Briefing Folders, CD, OHPs, Pub Maps & Coloured Pens
    Length - 2 1/2 hrs * Players 4-20
  • Pricing
    Intl. Price - £ 450.00
  • Computer Aided Exercise