Complete Selling Skills Kit

Media Type - DVD
Subject(s) - Selling Skills

The most Cost Effective Resource available today for Developing Your Sales Team `Complete Selling Skills' covers thirteen aspects of the sales process, for products, supplies and services, in a flexible modular format. Introductory Video Programme An overview of the entire kit. Ten Video Units Following the progress of three sales people in various industries, as they encounter everyday situations. Thirteen Training Units Each written unit with its own resources and ready-made OHP transparencies offers a comprehensive guide to selling:

Module 1: Background Basics
* Routes to success
* Selling situations
* Why people buy.

Module 2: Getting Started
* Finding potential customers.
* Phoning for appointments.
* Starting the meeting.

Module 3: Needs and Objections 
* Finding out customer needs.
* Meeting customer needs.
* Dealing with objections.

Module 4: Sales and Service - A Winning Combination
* Closing.
* Looking ahead.
* Planning and preparation
* Account management
These units do not have a corresponding video unit.

Trainer's Guide :
An overview of the kit for the manager delivering the training

Audio Tape:  A useful refesher tape of the key learning points

How It Works : A useful refresher tape of the key learning points.

The video units show three individuals in situations met by sales people everywhere. One sells computers and printers, another financial services whilst the third supplies packaging. The learning points developed from these situations are the route to improved performance for everyone, whatever their level of experience. The written training units, with role plays

  • Support Material - Trainer's Guide, 13 Training Units and 51 OHP
    Length - 125 minutes
  • Pricing
    Price - INR 54,500
    Intl. Price - $ 1,695.00