Complete Telesales Training Kit, The

From start to finish, every facet of sales process is tackled.

Media Type - DVD

If you manage a TELESALES TEAM you have a TRAINING requirement which won't ever go away Whether your team is big or small, people will be coming and going all the time. That's the way it is in Telesales. And every single newcomer, experienced or not, has to be trained. Not to mention pepping up your old hands. A kit which will enable you to train your people:

* Fully covering every aspect of the sales process.
* Flexibly in modules, so you can run training just when you want for as long as it suits you.
* Cost effectively less expensive than hiring in outside trainers or sending people away on courses.
* Enjoyably it's fun and based on people and situations your team will identify with.
* Efficiently since the hardest and most time consuming part of training is preparing the course, we've done it for you.
* Eleven video segments showing the ups and downs of a sales team much like your own. Each segment is followed by a review of key points by telesales expert and trainer, Claire Baverstock who started out at Thomson Directories.
* A comprehensive trainer's guide in eleven sections relating to each video segment.
* Readymade OHPs of the main training points.
* Handout masters for you to copy for your team.

There's material to cover every Telesales training need, which you can divide up into sessions as short as 45 minutes each:
* Introduction Putting yourself in the customer's place.
* Getting through to the right person.
* Starting it right.
* Finding out what the customer needs.
* Matching the customer's needs.
* Closing the sale.
* Buying signals.
* Staying in control.
* Dealing with objections.
* Fail to prepare prepare to fail.
* Keeping going.

So if probing, say, or closing is a problem, you can cover just that. And if you've recruited a complete new team, you can run a full course. You get everything you need to run your training sessions again and again for as long as you want.

  • Support Material - Trainer's Guide, Resources Binder and 45 OHP
    Length - 73 minutes
  • Pricing
    Price - INR 54,500
    Intl. Price - $ 1,695.00