Constructive Criticism

Revealed - the secrets of achieving criticism without conflict

Media Type - DVD
Author - Nancy Paul

It's a real challenge to create a workplace culture where people can communicate openly about interpersonal problems. But, managed properly, there are major benefits to be gained from this approach. That's where this video can help you. With your guidance, it will give your people the confidence and skills they need to use constructive criticism. Why not use it to advance the personal development of your managers or as part of a range of communication skills workshops? The short scenarios in the 'trigger' tape can be combined with activities in the trainer's guide to provide time saving materials for group work.

Learning includes:

  • how to give or accept criticism positively and without stress
  • how to communicate frankly about other people's behaviours, or the results of those behaviours
  • how to view criticism as a problem solving process, rather than as a punishment or conflict
  • Here are just three examples of how you might use this highly versatile video learning pack:
  • developing performance review and appraisal skills
  • improving internal customer care and team working
  • encouraging self development - learning how to receive criticism in a way which enables you to improve

Especially relevant to:

  • leadership
  • performance reviews
  • coaching
  • stress management
  • team building
  • self-development
  • counselling
  • discipline interviewing
  • problem solving
  • assertiveness
  • conflict management

  • Support Material - Guide with Activities and OHP Masters.
    Length - 37 minutes
  • Pricing
    Price - INR 24,750
    Intl. Price - £ 695.00