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Difficult Appraisal Situations

Part of 'Q & A' Series

Media Type - DVD
Author - Eve Ash & Peter Quarry

In this program from the Q&A series, Psychologists Eve Ash and Peter Quarry provide some key definitions of the appraisal processes and strategies. Then, by answering some typical questions from a variety of workplaces, they provide practical solutions for even the most difficult of appraisal situations.

Case scenarios that are analysed and advice given by the psychologists:


• What is an appraisal?
• How often should appraisals be carried out?
• The scope of appraisals.

1. "My boss can't get my appraisal done. He's hopeless. What should I do? "
• The right way to approach the manager.
• Practical strategies for solving the problem.

2. "Our appraisal system is lacking. What do you recommend to make it effective?"
• The problem with forms and ratings systems.
• Strengths, weaknesses and setting goals.

3. "My staff are highly motivated so appraisals seem unnecessary. I'm worried the staff will leave. It's appraisal time again. Any suggestions? "
• Goal setting for high achievers.
• Strategies to keep your high achievers.

4. "I have a staff member whose work is appalling despite me trying everything to improve their performance. What should I do in the appraisal? "
• Appraisal or discipline?

5. Main Points
• The best use of appraisals.
• Involve staff in the appraisals process.
• Setting agreed performance standards.

  • Length - 13 minutes
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