Do I Know You?

Defining, Discovering, & Deciding Who To Hire

Media Type - DVD

Too often we make the mistake of thinking that hiring decisions are based on some event, like a good interview or great first impression. But they’re not. See, interviewing and hiring the right new employee for your organization is not just about finding someone, it’s about getting to know them. Like forming any good new relationship, successful hiring decisions are really based on a combination of facts and feelings, of analyzing the information you’ve gathered, and listening to what your intuition is telling you. In other words … Interviewing is a process, not an event.

From creating the right job description to properly conducting interviews and making successful hiring decisions, this programme offers useful insights and practical skills that teach organizations to ask themselves the single most important question regarding new employees: “Do I Know You?” There are three simple steps you can follow to help you find and get to know that perfect new employee. They’re called the "Three D’s".

Key Learning Points:
—Identify must have’s & must do’s. Get to know your new employee before you ever meet them.
Discover—Conduct Successful Interviews. The good candidates can do, the right one will do.
Decide—Make the Right Choice The real job of hiring is hiring for the job. How to create shared vision

  • Support Material - Workbook with Leader’s Guide
    Length - 22 minutes
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