Evaluating Training

Media Type - Book
Author - Sharon Bartram , Brenda Gibson

Training is the catalyst for change in how people do things. Evaluating the training is the means by which change is activated. Evaluation is often neglected or done piecemeal. Evaluating Training will bring a fresh perspective to what you already do to evaluate training and help make evaluation easier so that it is not neglected. The more you train and the more you evaluate training, the more likely you are to create an environment where learning is a natural part of the daily routine.

Evaluating Training offers practical, yet creative ways to measure results and the impact of training. It will help you take stock of all the stages in your training and, by using the instruments, activate the changes you want your training to achieve. Evaluating training is more than just a good idea; it is a vital part of the training process. Planning for evaluation while in the early stages of program development will provide stimulation and focus for you and ensure that the program will accomplish what you want it to.

Selected Contents: The Evaluation Audit A Quick Assessment Guidance Notes Readiness for Learning Organizational Culture The Purpose of Evaluation Evaluation Strategy Audit Action Plan The Instruments Measuring Results The Training Needs Process Training Design Learner Feedback Measuring Impact Quantifiable Evidence Learning Journal Impact Questionnaire

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