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FISH! Trainer Tools

Everything you will need to facilitate an on-going FISH! Experience

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FISH! Trainer Tools will help you create the same powerful learning events as our facilitators do. It gives you all the resources to plan, lead and follow up your FISH! introduction so the energy continues to grow after the event has concluded. Trainer Tools shows you how to make your participants the center of the experience. It offers proven techniques to ensure that they are involved and engaged learners, not just passive observers.

The program comes with everything you need to create a memorable event:
  • PowerPoint slides and reproducible handouts for participants
  • Twenty-nine short videos showing experienced facilitators in action, modeling proven techniques.
  • A workbook with activities and exercises to help people see the relevance of FISH! to their lives and work.
Finally, Trainer Tools helps you develop a plan, with the managers of your participants, to sustain the momentum your event ignites and build alignment with leadership that’s critical to success.

The benefits:
  • Save time and energy with customizable outlines for your FISH! event.
  • Meet the needs of facilitators, managers and participants through multiple learning styles.
  • Sustain long-term growth and change through supplementary materials.
  • Planning is made easy with all the materials provided!
  • Supports broader FISH! initiatives and culture transforming programs
What’s included:

Facilitator Guide
A complete guide to perform a FISH! facilitation, including how to start and sustain the journey, tools for managers, comprehensive event outlines, and proven facilitation techniques based on ChartHouse Learning's  Experience-Centered Model™.  The guide covers:
  • Find IT, Live IT, Coach IT—An introduction to our process for cultural change, including questions to get you started.
  • The Experience-Centered Model™—A system of concepts, perspectives and skills that maximize the opportunity for participants to become fully engaged. Over 25 different group activities for you to use on an ongoing basis.
  • Event Preparation—A comprehensive guide that will set any facilitator up for success. From timelines and pre-event meetings with managers, to mental preparation, you’ll feel supported in every way.
  • Comprehensive Event Outlines—Event outlines (two and four hour) supported by tips, video footage, and notes to guide you. These outlines will help you create powerfully effective FISH! events.
  • Event Resources—Customizable invitations, event preparation forms, outlines, evaluations and extra activities with facilitator tips to make your event, yours.
  • Sustainability Resource Mini-kit—Manager tools, a journey map and conversations to keep the momentum and culture change alive!
Facilitator Examples DVD

As you follow the outline in the facilitator guide, you can watch over 25 brief videos featuring expert facilitators providing practical techniques and examples for leading FISH! events.

Event and Sustainability Tools CD

Customizable FISH! event PowerPoint slides and Word documents, along with PDFs of materials and activities for your ongoing use.

Participant Workbook and Activity Prop Samples

The Workbook is designed to use during your initial event, but is also filled with ideas, exercises and action planning for your ongoing use. Props will help you bring life and energy to your event.

Integrated FISH! Language

Trainer Tools is designed for FISH! performances and also can support other ChartHouse curricula programs like FISH! Culture and LeaderFISH! to generate deeper and more sustained benefits. With the FISH! process explained in Trainer Tools, you can begin to create the culture of energy, happiness, trust, support and satisfaction in your workplace as exemplified in all of ChartHouse's FISH! videos.

Internal Use License

Trainer Tools includes a license for internal employees to use these exercises, PowerPoints and material to perform the complete FISH! training.

You will also receive one set of each of the following games to be used with your group:

Write-on/Wipe-off Let's Make A Day Cards
The more you know what makes a person’s day, the more impact your actions will have on them. Get to know your teammates and how they like to be recognized in this entertaining activity based on the old TV show, Let’s Make a Deal. (We recommend you purchase an additional set for each team of 6 - 8 people in your group.)

A set of Choose Your Attitude Cards
Learn how the attitudes you choose have an impact on you, your colleagues and your ability to achieve common goals. A fun workshop activity that helps people understand how much control they actually have over their attitudes. (We recommend you purchase an additional set for each team of 6 - 8 people in your group.)

A set of Conversation Cards
Sharing a common language, like the four practices of The FISH! Philosophy, helps us to better understand each other as we work, play and accomplish great things. These cards are designed to help you and a partner to really Be There for each other as you explore and practice The FISH! Philosophy together. A great tool for workshops. (We recommend you purchase an additional set for every 2 people in your group.)

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