Feedback Solutions Series

Set of 4 videos

Media Type - DVD
Author - Peter Quarry
Subject(s) - Feedback

Feedback Solutions is a complete training package designed to motivate people and provide them with the skills to give and receive feedback, improve morale, develop performance, build empowered teams and deliver quality service. This comprehensive video-based training package sets the scene for creating a "feedback culture" in your organization -- one in which giving and receiving feedback becomes part of normal day-to-day business. The series comprises of the following 4 videos detailed descriptions of which are available under their individual titles.

1. Giving Feedback: Basic Skills (14 min)
2. Giving Feedback: Advanced Skills (22 min)
3. Receiving Feedback: Basic Skills (15 min)
4. Receiving Feedback: Advanced Skills (14 min)
Each video: A$495 * Rs.14,750/-

  • Support Material - Trainer's Guide & Workbook
    Length - about 20 minutes
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      Participant Workbook

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    Price - INR 39,750
    Intl. Price - A$ 1,452.00
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