Free Radicals of Innovation

Anyone can learn to innovate. "Free Radicals of Innovation" shows you how.

Media Type - DVD

This package of 9 video segments (71 min) will help you learn how to use creativity and innovation to find solutions for cha-llenges within organizations, families, and communities:

• Innovate or Die
• Understanding 6P Innovation
• Overcoming Fear and Managing Risk
• Preparing Your Mind
• Building an Innovation Toolbox
• Inventing the Future
• Creating a Culture of Innovation
• Collaborating by Leveraging Diversity
• What’s Your Problem?

The content can be used as a complete course on innovation, as a platform for presenting key concepts, as a stimulus for expanded thinking or as a system to manage exercise and activities.

  • Support Material - Bits & Pieces CD-ROM, Leader’s Guide,Workbook
    Length - 71 min
  • Pricing
    Price - INR 25,750
    Intl. Price - US$ 645.00