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Getting The Business and Keeping It

Is Your Sales Team Reaching Their Full Potential?

Media Type - DVD

These two training DVDs shows sales experts in action — revealing their approach to lasting sales success.

Divided into five parts for maximum flexibility, the programme can be shown as a complete course or specific sessions, according to individual skills and needs.

Who could benefit?
Staff new to sales
Experienced sales people

Key Learning Areas
Preparing for a sales interview
Making appointments by phone
Key listening and questioning skills
Pinpointing the buyers personal and professional concerns
Structuring and staging a presentation
Gaining the customers commitment
Staying in control of a sales interview

There is a sequence for each session, showing how sales experts apply the relevant skills to their best advantage.

Session 1 — Getting started
making appointments by telephone
preparing for an interview
establishing buyers and sellers roles and company credibility
getting the signal to proceed with the interview

Session 2 — Investigating "the gap"
developing the various questioning techniques
listening skills
investigating to identify the buyers professional/personal concerns
summarising "the gap" and its consequences

Session 3 — Making the presentation
structure of the presentation
using features, advantages and benefits
seeking 'little agreements
projecting enthusiasm, conviction and confidence

Session 4— Getting the decision
gaining customer commitment
techniques for asking for the decision
making silence work for you

Session 5 — Controlling the interview
setting interview objectives
differentiating between distractions and objections
overcoming distractions and objections

Running times:
Main video - 63 minutes.
Summary video - 45 minutes.

  • Length - 63 mins + 45 mins
  • Pricing
    Price - INR 12,950
    Intl. Price - £ 129.00