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I'm A Customer...Sell Me Something

Media Type - DVD
Subject(s) - Selling Skills

The central theme of this program is to maximise the value of a customer to the organisation, it must maximise its value to that customer. Only when value is in balance are Lifetime Customer Relationships truly established.

I'm a Customer ... Sell me Something Sales success is an issue all employees should understand. Good service is mostly about good sales.

Key Training Points:
People often feel uncomfortable with selling but, in reality, if you care about your customer's needs, selling is just a natural part of that.
There are four steps to advising well and selling effectively to the customer. If you use these steps your ability to sell will be greatly increased.
On-going customer relationships are critically important. The longer a customer remains with you, the more value the customer and the organisation get from that relationship.

Who could benefit?
Staff new to sales
Everyone in an organisation where customer focus is important

Key learning areas
The four step process to selling your products/services
Listening and questioning skills
Knowing what your product can do
On-going customer relationships

Running Time
7 minutes

  • Length - 7 minutes
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    Price - INR 12,950
    Intl. Price - £ 129.00