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Kingdom Was Lost, The

Award Winner

Media Type - DVD
Subject(s) - Accountability , Teams

Attention to DETAIL, accuracy, concentration these are the things that UNDERPIN QUALITY in everything we do In today's organisation everyone is accountable for their action so accuracy and attention to detail is truly everyone's responsibility. This is a training parable for our time to help us all remember just that. 'For want of the battle, the kingdom was lost. And all for the want of a horseshoe nail'. Sir Stephen Sunbeam is an architect of international renown. But he suffers public shame and professional ignominy when it turns out that his prestigious millennium project is a monumental 'pig's ear'. And the whole disaster stems from one tiny error in his original specification. But Sir Stephen isn't the only one to blame. Everyone else in the team, from his PA to the consulting engineer, from the office junior to the sub-contractor, is equally guilty. As detail after detail is overlooked, the knock-on-effect proves disastrous. It's the combined errors of the team that bring about the ultimate failure of the project and poor Sir Stephen's ridicule!

The programme is a fundamental lesson for everyone in today's pressurised organisation. Use it for training sessions on:
* Induction.
* Quality.
* Customer service.
* Empowerment.
* Teamwork.
* Planning and project management.
* Accuracy and attention to detail.

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    Length - 20 minutes
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