Management Excuses

Media Type - Game

How can you plan your time when you're subject to constant interruptions?Where's the direct return on training expenditure?Nobody tells me anything. Sound familiar? As consultants, you have to assess what's a valid excuse and what's not.

How it Works:
A set of forty cards is given to each of four groups. Every card has a commonly used statement related to: time management, delegation, the manager's role, training and communication. Each group then has to select eight with which they sympathise most. Another group acts as their management consultants who diagnose whether their chosen statements are valid or whether merely excuses and what training needs the excuses have uncovered.

What it Does:
Analyzing one another's excuses will challenge participants' interpersonal, counselling and appraisal skills while revealing negative attitudes and political barriers.

Other Skills:
* Counselling
* Interviewing
* Appraisal
* Attitude Awareness

  • Publisher - Northgate Training
    Support Material - Trainer's Guide, Briefing Sheets & Card Sets
    Length - 1 hr * Players: 4-24
  • Pricing
    Intl. Price - £ 195.00