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Managing Performance Every Day

Beyond the appraisal

Media Type - DVD

To many managers, managing performance means holding an annual appraisal and little else. In today’s modern and highly pressurised workplace, it is all too easy for a manager to forget that their primary responsibility is to get the best out of those they manage on a daily basis.

This  5-step programme will help managers encourage their people to deliver world class performance. Meet David (IT Manager) and Louise (Marketing Manager) as they find out what managing performance really means. David is laid back, too friendly, lacks consis-tency and is unclear about what he wants and expects as a manger. In contrast, Louise is highly organised but does not involve her team through collaboration. As a result her team members do not develop as they should.

Both David and Louise learn an easy process which goes beyond the appraisal, and begin to put this into practice. As a result, they start to see real benefits – both to the performance of their teams, and to the output of the project they have been jointly working on.

The key outcomes:

  • Improves peoples performance on a daily basis
  • People will be better utilised and more motivated
  • Will develop management skills to an extremely high standard
Learning chapters:
  • The problem that needs putting right
  • Non-collaborative
  • The need for collaboration
  • The need for clarity
  • Not giving constructive feedback
  • Fails to explore reasons
  • Not consistent
  • Heading for more delays
  • The need for consistency, coaching and constructive feedback
  • Result of managing performances
  • Clarity   
  • Collaboration
  • Consistency
  • Constructive feedback
  • Coaching

Style:  Drama

  • Support Material - Trainers guide, Workbook, OHP and handouts
    Length - 25 min
  • Pricing
    Price - INR 39,750
    Intl. Price - US$ 999.00