Needs Assesment Coursebook and Workshop

Media Type - Toolkit
Author - Henry J. Sredl & Charles Chesney

Written for HR professionals with little or no experience in analyzing performance problems, The Needs Assessment Coursebook and Workshop will develop the confidence and competence necessary to successfully design and implement an effective needs assessment. The program is organized around a five-step needs assessment model: Plan and Scope, Obtain Participation, Collect Data, Evaluate Data, and Report Findings. It will guide you from start to finish and help you discover gaps and discrepancies between actual and optimal performance.

The Workshop Includes:
* Instructor Notes
* Transparency Masters
* Exercises and Handouts
* Extensive Glossary of Terms

  • Publisher - HRD Press
    Product Code - PNAW
    Length - 3-Ring Binder * 340 pp
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    Intl. Price - US$ 74.95