Net Spy, The

Media Type - Game
Author - Louis Tagliaferri

The Net Spy is unique and exciting. This incredible team building exercise captivates participants as it centers on a 21st century problem of growing concern to all commercial, industrial and governmental organizations - unauthorized access by hackers to confidential, proprietary information in an organization's computer network.

The exercise scenario is a special internal task team appointed by senior management to find the person who is breaking into the organization's top secret data files, copying plans crucial to the organization's ability to survive in the market place and apparently selling them to government controlled businesses in foreign countries.   The suspicion is that the hacker, known only by the code name "Pastorius," is an insider and may even be one of the members of the special task team! Pastorius must be found and stopped now!  

But, the best part of The Net Spy is its educational and skill development value. As exercise participants weave through an increasingly tense plot, they learn how to hone their analytical and problem solving skills, separating fact from perception and objectivity from subjectivity. They will also increase their ability to assess information from others, especially learning how to identify when a meeting participant has a hidden agenda or is withholding crucial decision making information.  

This is a" must have" training exercise that is suitable for all organizational levels!

Requires 1 1/2 - 2 hours.

  • Publisher - HRD Press
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    Intl. Price - US$ 149.95