Performance Review: Pt 1: Every Manager's Nightmare - CDROM

A new approach to appraisals

Media Type - Interactive CD-ROM

Every organisation has a different kind of performance review system. Even so, the reaction to reviews is often the same - one of horror. Performance review sets out to encourage individuals to think about reviews in a new way, so they stop dreading them and start seeing them in a more positive light. Performance review comes in two distinct parts - one for the manager and one for the appraisee. Unless both sides know what to expect, and how to get the most from the meeting, it will always fall short of the mark. Both sides have an equally crucial role to play.

Help for managers
Part one: Every manager's nightmare
is aimed specifically at managers. They know the importance of an employee's performance review, but usually find them fairly painful to do. By making them less con-frontational and more productive, managers will be able to fearlessly deal with all performance reviews.

Classic ‘difficult’ characters in action are shown with simple and effective strategies for getting them on-side. Through these characters we are able to demon-strate key review techniques managers can develop.

The key outcomes:

  • Managers and appraisees will approach performance reviews with positivity and enthusiasm
  • Productive performance reviews will re-motivate and re-energise staff

Part 1 of the e-learning course contains:

  • Trailer
  • Pre-test
  • Introduction
  • Silent Steve
  • Bored Betty
  • Weepy Wendy
  • Non-stick Nigel
  • Defensive Dennis
  • Bolshie Becky
  • Resource summary and action plan
  • Knowledge check

The e-learning course uses Video Arts memorable video content and includes thought-provoking questions that ensure the user is learning and being challenged.

Bite-size modules allow individuals to go at their own pace as they work their way through the demonstrations, tutorials and video clips.

Each e-learning title includes:

  • Pre-test to establish current knowledge and determine which modules the learner needs to complete
  • Test results and summary notes at the end of each module
  • Glossary of commonly used terms and key video clips
  • Final knowledge check to test retention
  • Full tracking and reporting capabilities
We provide access to full tracking and reporting so you can keep up-to-date with the learner’s progress. All our courses are fully SCORM-compliant for use with learning management systems and virtual learning environments.

  • Publisher - Video Arts
    Support Material - Standalone e-learning CDROM with: Pre-test, Memorable video content, Thought-provoking questions, Full tracking, Reporting capabilities
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    Also available as a DVD Video (both parts) : Click here