Stonehenge Plus

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Media Type - Game
Subject(s) - Ethics , Negotiation

First - A Strategy
Each of four teams has a mixture of four types of wood. Each has to build a model of Stonehenge from just one type of wood. They can buy or swap pieces from other teams or from the Trainer, but cash is limited.

But first they must allocate team roles: Manager, Negotiator, Buyer, Accountant and Surveyor and prepare a 'construction cover' to shield their pieces from prying eyes and industrial espionage!

In the first twenty minutes they plan a strategy which is handed to the Trainer.

What it does
Teams can then negotiate with each other, barter pieces and change their plan at will. And the winner is decided by a combination of the time they take to build Stonehenge and the money they have left.

By comparing their original plan with what they actually did, teams learn the importance of planning ahead, setting objectives, responding flexibly to changed conditions and having a strategy.

Learning Benefits

  • Allows teams to practise bartering and influencing skills
  • Highlights the importance of planning for negotiations
  • Encourages teams to have a negotiation strategy and team roles
  • Tests ethics and honesty of team members
  • Assesses whether teams can break down natural barriers in order to work together

No of Players
For 4 teams of 3 to 6 delegates each

About 1 hour

Customer feedback
"We love this exercise ... and so do the participants! It's energetic and fun - and helps them explore and recognise the essentials of good negotiation."
– T. Keck, Claviga Ltd

"STONEHENGE was fantastic. With 20 delegates it worked really well with four teams of five."
– D. Harvie, Hagemeyer UK Ltd

"STONEHENGE - an interactive exercise that offers an opportunity for participants to practise their negotiation skills. The exercise is great fun for the participants who appreciate putting theory into practice. It gives a chance for the Trainer to observe real behaviours and help participants to reflect on them."
– H. Haggag, Hilton International

  • Publisher - Northgate Training
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    Length - 1 hour
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