Story Telling For Trainers

50 short stories and 175 related activities to aid memory and enhance learning

Media Type - Toolkit
Author - Mary Richards

Inspire, motivate and stimulate in the most powerful way by incorporating storytelling into your training. Designed for new and experienced storytellers, this unique training resource gives you valuable hints and tips on the secrets of storytelling covering:
Which Stories You Should Use?
When You Should Tell a Story?
How To Tell a Story?

You can choose from 50 versatile stories to augment virtually any training session. Each story covers a number of different training topics and key learning points so you can choose the ones that are most appropriate to your message. And you can use the detailed, ready-to-use support material (Suggested Learning Links; When to Use the Story; Points to Consider When Telling the Story; Discussion Points and Activities) accompanying each story to explore the key points in the story.

Learn how to use story-based activities as catalysts for learning with this superb training resource. As well as containing tips and tricks on choosing, using and delivering stories, you're also provided with 50 versatile stories to augment virtually any training session - each with its own ready-to-use activities.

1: Anansi Gathers Wisdom
An adaptation of one of the many stories from Africa about Anansi the spider. In this story Anansi tries to increase his wisdom. A creative way to introduce topics such as Emotional Intelligence, Knowledge Management and Problem Solving.

2: The Last House
Dave is about to embark on a career change, and is persuaded by the boss to build just one more house before he leaves the construction industry for good. This story is ideal for examining aspects of Assertiveness, People Management Skills and Quality Control.

3: The Oak and the Reeds
If you want to focus on Responding to Change or Stress Management, use this old English fable in which the riverbank reeds weather the storm, but the solid oak doesn’t.

4: The Jamesian Mayonnaise
Create an appetite for learning with an extract from Nigella Lawson’s How to Eat cookbook in which she describes how even the simplest things can become difficult when your confidence is undermined. It offers insights into Coaching, Perceptions and Self-confidence.

5: The Three Snowflakes 
The tale of three boastful snowflakes who come to a slushy end provides an imaginative connection for Personal Development, Time Management and Valuing Diversity.

6: The E-mail Message
This tall story of a loving husband who sends a simple email message makes an entertaining link for Communication Skills and Working under Pressure. It’s a tale with a dark twist.

7: The Sunday Roas
Introduce participants to Coaching, Knowledge Management, Process Improvement, Supervisory Skills or Thinking outside the Box by telling them the story of the Sunday Roast. For years it had been cooked in the same way. It was only after three generations that someone asked ‘why’.

8: The Blind Men and the Elephant
Based on a Hindu fable in which six blind men observe an elephant, this poem contains plenty of mileage if you’re dealing with Assessment, First Impressions, Interviewing Skills, Problem Solving, Team Building or Valuing Diversity.  The results of each man’s experience are very different!

9: The Sword of Damocle
The Greek legend in which Dionysus the Elder invites his envious courtier to a sumptuous feast provides a novel approach to First Impressions, Leadership, Making Assumptions and Stress Management.

10: The Fisherman
When you’re covering Creative Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, Personal Development, Stress Management or Work/Life Balance, use this story of a young businessman who shares his vision with a local fisherman.  The question is, will the fisherman take the bait or has the budding entrepreneur lost the plot?

11: The Conference of the Mice
Promote discussion about Dealing with Aggressive Behaviour, Group Dynamics, Meeting Skills or Problem Solving with this adaptation of a Grimm’s fairy tale in which a group of mice decide how to protect themselves from a cat. Will they be able to implement their idea?

12: The Cracked Pot
This folk tale from India in which a cracked water pot learns its true worth is a useful springboard for Positive Thinking, Self-esteem and Stress Management.

13: The Mystery
Inspired by the prospect of a better life in Australia, on 18th November 1854, a small fishing vessel with seven crew sets sail from the Cornish fishing village of Newlyn. A true tale of courage and adventure which sets the scene for topics such as Goal Setting, Health and Safety, and Perspective. 

14: The Donkey in the Well
Use this tale of a donkey who turns a potential disaster to his advantage as a catalyst for People Management Skills, Personal Development, Problem Solving and Reframing.

15: Snake
 This D H Lawrence poem about a snake provides a memorable finish to sessions on Emotional Intelligence,  Personal Development and Reframing.

16: The Emperor’s New Clothes
Open the way for discussions on Emotional Intelligence, External Consultants, Group Dynamics and Leadership with this adaptation of a Hans Christian Andersen tale, in which a vain emperor parades before his people in an extraordinary set of new clothes.

17: The Sun and the Wind
This adaptation of the classic Aesop fable, in which the Sun and the Wind argue about who is the strongest, provides a basis for exploring topics such as Attitude, Conflict Resolution, Management Styles, Motivation and People Management Skills.

18: The Looking Glass
Opportunities to reflect on Making Assumptions and Managing Change are given with this abridged version of a Korean folk tale in which a small mirror causes much family unrest.

19: The Hardworking Father
The sorry tale of a hardworking father who strives to provide his family with the best that life can offer opens discussions on Goal Setting, Stress Management, Work/Life Balance and Working under Pressure. The father’s intentions are good, but his efforts are misguided.

20: The Directory
This true story gives you exercises for Empowerment, Improving Performance, Management Styles and Organisational Skills. It’s based on a challenge: can a set of business directories be produced to a higher standard without increasing resources or taking more time?

21: The Jug
Just how much can you fit into a jug? This apocryphal story of delegates at a seminar is useful when dealing with Creative Thinking, Leadership, Stress Management and Time Management.

22: How the Robin got his Red Breast
There are many stories about how the robin got his red breast. This one comes from Ireland and provides an inspirational connection for Corporate Direction, People Management Skills and Staying Power.

23: The Abilene Ice-cream
On a hot summer’s day an American family drive to Abilene to enjoy ice-creams. This adaptation of Professor Jerry Harvey’s management parable gives a fresh angle on Blame, Decision Making, Group Dynamics, Planning Skills and Team Building.

24: The Goose that laid the Golden Egg
This version of the Aesop fable in which a goose lays golden eggs offers an innovative approach to Corporate Direction, Emotional Intelligence and Strategic Thinking.

25: The Body
Exhausted from work, Brian’s body decides to cut a few corners, with unforeseen consequences! Use this story to stimulate discussion on Corporate Cohesion, Team Development and Working under Pressure.

26: Roland and the Ivory Horn
Tackle Leadership, Task Management and Whistleblowing with this adaptation of the French legend of the battle of Roncesvalles in 778. Will proud Roland wait too late to summon assistance?

27: The Salmon Fisher
Explore Emotional Intelligence, Resource Management and Working under Pressure with this tale from the west coast of Canada about the fortunes of a salmon fisher.

28: Give a Dog a Bad Name
Based on a factual set of circumstances from a US Military situation, this is the story of a team leader who finds that the team’s performance is affected by its code name. Adapted so that it is equally relevant for military, emergency services or corporate team situations, this story can spark discussions on Leadership, Process Improvement and Productivity through People.

29: The Thank You Note
Use this true story of a small-business owner to put a new angle on Corporate Cohesion, Management Styles and Motivation. When moved by her own reaction to a note of thanks, the owner is curious to know if she can replicate this reaction in her staff.

30: Try Again
This poem, which tells how Robert the Bruce of Scotland was inspired to success by a spider, will leave participants with a lasting impression of your sessions on Motivation, Personal Development and Staying Power. 

31: Crickets in New York
Listening to this story of a Native American who visits New York evokes thoughts on Business Skills, External Consultants, Mentoring and Supervisory Skills. Among the noise of the traffic and the bustle of the New York crowds he insists that he can hear the chirp of a cricket.

32: The Farmer and the Donkey
This adaptation of a Grimm’s fairy tale, in which a farmer takes his donkey to market, conjures up a comical setting for discussing Assertiveness, Constructive Criticism and Goal Setting.

33: The 'Crash' Landing
When it seems that nothing more can go wrong for the passengers of flight ‘107’, they’re faced with a ‘crash’ landing. This is a true story in which the number of the flight and the name of the pilot have been changed. It provides a realistic approach to Attitude, Customer Care and Receiving Complaints.

34: The Fox, the Tigers and the Meat
Investigate topics such as Conflict Resolution, External Consultants and People Management Skills with this adaptation of an Indian tale in which two tigers ask a fox to settle a dispute for them.

35: The First Moccasins
This Native American tale, in which the moccasin is invented, gives an imaginative forum for discussions about Creative Thinking, Leadership and Problem Solving.

36: A Matter of Choice
At a time when morale is low, a series of signs appear above the staff entrance to the factory. What effect do the signs have? What do they mean? Use this story to stimulate discussion about Attitude, Communication Skills and Working under Pressure.

37: The Tidal Wave
For as long as people can remember, earthquakes or volcanic action have, from time to time, caused the shores of Japan to be swept by enormous tidal waves.  This is the story of one of those waves. It creates opportunities to study Communication Skills, Health and Safety and Risk-taking.

38: The Golden Touch
When you’re focusing on Communication Skills, Decision Making and Emotional Intelligence use this Greek myth about King Midas to get your message across. He’s given the opportunity to be granted a wish by the gods. Will he choose wisely?

39: Leisure
This poem by W H Davies, which reminds us of the importance of taking time out, will provide a poignant finish to sessions on Personal Development, Stress Management, Time Management and Work/Life Balance.

40: The Intelligent Frog
This story of a young boy who performs an experiment with an intelligent frog presents links to Corporate Direction, Management Skills and Personal Development.  Not for the squeamish!

41: The Stonecutter
Illustrate sessions on Managing Change, Perspective and Self-esteem with this adaptation of the Chinese tale of a stonecutter who wants to become more powerful.

42: Dog
Liven up learning in Management Skills, People Management Skills and Responding to Change with this abridged version of an African tale about the first dog.

43: Lean Lisa and Lanky Len
Use this entertaining adaptation of the Grimm brothers’ tale of a hardworking woman and her husband to inspire  thoughts on Assertiveness, Conflict Resolution, Organisational Skills and People Management Skills.

44: The Oyster
Underline your training points on Attitude, Blame and Personal Development with this poem about the life of an oyster.

45: The Hyena and the Jackal
Make learning more memorable with this African tale of the potential partnership between a hyena and a jackal.  Use it when focusing on Communication Skills, Corporate Cohesion and Meeting Skills.

46: The Fox and the Cat
When you’re dealing with Business Skills, Interviewing Skills and Personal Development use this tale of a boastful fox, a humble cat and a pack of hungry hounds to draw out key issues.

47: The Princess and the Pea
This reworking of the traditional story of the steps taken to prove that a girl’s claims to be a princess are genuine gives you a link for First Impressions, Interviewing Skills and People Management Skills.

48: The Young Alchemist
Captivate your listeners with this tale from Myanmar about a young alchemist’s search for gold. Use it to enhance your sessions on Communication Skills, Learning Methods, People Management Skills and Perspective.

49: The Gugulunga Tree
Tell this African story about a tree which bears many different fruits and let your listeners’ imaginations run on Delegation, Knowledge Management and Organisational Skills.

50: The Enormous Nose
This story from France, about a prince who was born with an enormous nose, provides an almost endless source of inspiration for Dealing with Disability, Group Dynamics, Knowledge Management, Leadership, Perceptions and Personal Development.

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