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Ten-minute Trainer, The

Media Type - Toolkit
Author - Andrew Rea
Subject(s) - Tools for Trainers

The Ten-Minute Trainer is a sparkling resource full of fresh ideas. It provides you with 25 templates that are written without any specific subject in mind – so you can use them for just about any subject you wish. But there’s more ... The Ten-Minute Trainer also provides you with 25 ready-to-run training sessions based on these templates.

You can use any of the templates for any of the sessions – so you’ll have a resource of 625 possible training sessions. All the templates and sessions are presented in a clear, user-friendly format. It’s simple to use and provides you with immense variety in your training.




1. Training session template: Acronyms

Participants develop their understanding and recall of a subject by reducing it to a memorable acronym.


2. Training session template: Alphabet list

Participants expand their knowledge about a subject by making an alphabetical list of its attributes.


3. Training session template: As it is, as it will be

Participants work together to make an action plan of how to move from their current level of knowledge or performance to a higher level.


4. Training session template: Behind the headline

Participants expand their knowledge of a subject by making up the story to support a ‘good news’ tabloid newspaper-style headline about their organisation.


5. Training session template: Compose a song

Participants review their existing knowledge of a subject by making up lyrics to a well-known tune.


6. Training session template: Explain it to me

Groups of participants explain a process or concept in a variety of different ways.


7. Training session template: Flipchart race

Participants brainstorm ideas about three connected areas on to three separate sheets of flipchart paper. The short time allowed and the ‘race’ atmosphere promote some very creative ideas.


8. Training session template: Good way, bad way

Groups of participants act out a ‘good way’ and a bad way’ of doing something, then identify the changes they need to make in their own behaviour.


9. Training session template: In the style of . . .

Participants practise a skill ‘in the style of’ a different person, thus allowing them to see that there are different ways of doing things.


10. Training session template: Participant-set quiz

A test of knowledge in which the participants set questions for each other.


11. Training session template: Negative brainstorm

Participants brainstorm ways in which they could make a situation worse. From this, they find areas of existing practice that they should change in order to improve things.


12. Training session template: Puppet on a string

Participants improve their one-to-one communication skills by putting themselves in the mind of someone else and controlling every aspect of an interaction.


13. Training session template: Question circle

Participants expand their knowledge of a subject by asking questions about it.


14. Training session template: Reframing

Participants use the technique of reframing to help them (and others) to see a situation in a different way.


15. Training session template: Research it

Participants expand their knowledge of a topic by researching it and presenting their findings back to the group.


16. Training session template: Someone else’s shoes

Participants expand their knowledge of a subject by looking at it from the point of view of another person.


17. Training session template: Soundbites

Participants expand their knowledge of a subject by condensing key points into media-style ‘soundbites’.


18. Training session template: Team advertisement

Participants consider the positive side of a product or process by designing an advertisement to promote it.


19. Training session template: Think global, act local

Participants plan to take individual action after first considering what needs to be done at a higher level in the organisation.


20. Training session template: Trainer-set quiz

Participants take part in a quiz to test their knowledge of a subject.


21. Training session template: Triads

Participants role-play together in groups of three, giving and getting feedback from within their group.


22. Training session template: Txt msgs

Participants expand their knowledge of a subject by condensing key points into the format of text messages.


23. Training session template: What if?

Participants expand their understanding of a subject by exploring ways of overcoming possible difficulties.


24. Training session template: Without words

Participants expand their understanding of a subject by giving a presentation about it that does not use written or spoken words.


25. Training session template: X is like Y

Participants gain a deeper understanding of a subject or process by comparing it to something seemingly unrelated.




1. Training session: Cross selling – acronyms

To improve awareness of the skills of cross selling.


2. Training session: Managing stress – alphabet list

To improve participants’ understanding of ways in which they can manage and reduce stress.


3. Training session: Multi-tasking – as it is, as it will be

For participants to consider their own learning needs and draw up an action plan for self-development.


4. Training session: Team working – behind the headline

To improve team working by encouraging the individuals to take positive action.


5. Training session: Fire regulations – compose a song

To review and reinforce participants’ knowledge of the fire regulations of their place of work.


6. Training session: Rapport building – explain it to me

To improve participants’ knowledge of and skill at rapport building.


7. Training session: Making a sales call – flipchart race

To improve participants’ quality of preparation before making a sales call (face to face or on the telephone).


8. Training session: Motivation – good way, bad way

To improve the motivational behaviour of participants.


9. Training session: Asking questions – in the style of . . .

To improve the questioning skills of the participants.


10. Training session: Product knowledge – participant-set quiz

To test and improve the knowledge of the participants about some of the key products of the organisation.


11. Training session: Listening skills – negative brainstorm

To improve the listening skills of participants.


12. Training session: Giving bad news – puppet on a string

To improve the skills of the participant when giving bad news to another person.


13. Training session: Computer skills – question circle

To improve knowledge about effective use of computer systems.


14. Training session: Personal development – reframing

To help participants overcome negative feelings about personal development (either in themselves or in other people).


15. Training session: Competitor products – research it

To improve participants’ knowledge of products or services offered by competitors of the organisation.


16. Training session: Unique selling points – someone else’s shoes

To improve knowledge and understanding of the USP (Unique Selling Points) of a particular product or service.


17. Training session: Coaching skills – soundbites

To improve the knowledge of coaching skills.


18. Training session: Generating leads – team advertisement

To increase commitment to generating leads.


19. Training session: Security – think global, act local

To encourage personal ownership of security issues.


20. Training session: Jargon – trainer-set quiz

To increase staff awareness of the jargon that gets used within an organisation, and to consider the effect that the over-use of jargon may have.


21. Training session: Greeting customers – triads

To improve skills at greeting customers (face to face or on the telephone).


22. Training session: Dealing with angry customers – txt msgs

To improve people’s confidence in dealing with angry customers.


23. Training session: Negotiating – what if?

To improve skill in overcoming difficulties that come up in negotiations.


24. Training session: On-the-job training – without words

To improve the skill of people who are involved in on-the-job training of others.


25. Training session: Customer service – X is like Y

To expand participants’ knowledge of good customer service.


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