Train-The-Trainer Workshop

Revised Edition

Media Type - Toolkit
Author - Penny L. Ittner & Alex F. Douds
Subject(s) - Train the Trainer

Instructor's Guide:

This powerful workshop will help you bring your managers, team leaders and other non-trainers quickly up-to-speed in the basic skills required to develop and conduct training confidently, competently and with ease.

Loaded with practical tips, helpful precautions, checklists and tools, the revised edition includes:

  • A completely new chapter on an essential skill in developing training'outlining the training content for a learning objective.
  • 30 additional PowerPoint slides
  • Updated case studies

Turn your managers into effective trainers' overnight

As important as training is these days, many organizations can't afford the luxury of having experienced trainers on staff. Or, if they do, their trainers can't keep up with the increasing demands as jobs change and re-training becomes necessary.

As a result, those who've never had the opportunity to develop professional training skills are occasionally being required to develop and conduct training sessions.

That's why Train-the-Trainer, 3rd Edition is so valuable. The comprehensive how-to manual walks first-time trainers through every step of the process of developing and delivering effective training'from using adult learning principles all the way through evaluating the results of training.

The workshop also addresses how to handle problem personalities and situations that can unnerve even the most experienced trainer, including participants who won't talk'and those who won't stop. Using a learn-by-doing approach, Train-the-Trainer, 3rd Edition is full of opportunities for every participant to interact, practice delivery skills, try out new skills, build their confidence in a safe environment, and become effective trainers'overnight.

Even veteran trainers will learn something new and hone and update their skills.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Identify new ways training can be used in their jobs
  • Clearly understand how adults learn so they can teach others
  • Analyze training requirements'the first step in successful training
  • Develop learning objectives that provide the direction for the rest of their training
  • Select the most appropriate training methods
  • Develop and use training aids the right way
  • Create lesson plans
  • Use basic facilitation skills
  • Increase participation
  • Conduct training using their lesson plans
  • Evaluate training
  • Transfer newly acquired training skills to the work setting

Filled with insights it would take your managers years to gain on their own, Train-the-Trainer, 3rd Edition makes it easy for even beginning trainers to do the job experienced trainers once did: Deliver powerful training that is skill-packed, memorable and achieves lasting and positive behavior change.


This 200 page coursebook to the Train-the-Trainer workshop provides participants a lesson overview, objectives, critical summary learning and exercise worksheets for all 13 lesson modules. 

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