Fish! Tales: Vital Signs

Energy is Vital

Media Type - DVD

At Missouri Baptist Medical Center, the staff deals with emotionally difficult situations, the challenges of providing exceptional health care, and the everyday stresses we all feel. But when they introduced FISH! into the environment, they revitalized their work... and their lives!

Go behind the scenes at Missouri Baptist, where the staff learned to Be There for patients and for each other—no matter how difficult the situation. The inspirational stories from FISH! Tales: Vital Signs are the best medicine for even the worst case of workplace blues!

"At Wells Fargo, our business is built on relationships. The better the experience we create, the healthier our business will be. Vital Signs is the kind of tool we like to use with our team because it's about creating an experience - and doing it in a way that's fun, inspirational and memorable." - Philomena Morrissey - Satre, Wells Fargo

The purchase of FISH! Tales: Vital Signs includes the items listed below:

One DVD of FISH! Tales: Vital Signs.
FISH! Tales: Vital Signs Conversation Guide:
Vital Signs Key Learning Benefits:
  • Learn how each present moment is the most important place to be.
  • Find out how the principles of The FISH! Philosophy helped Missouri Baptist overcome even the most difficult of situations, and how you can do the same.
  • Be inspired by the powerful lessons of Missouri Baptist, and take them into your organization.

  • Support Material - Facilitatorâ??s Guide
    Length - 18 minutes
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    Price - INR 18,750
    Intl. Price - $ 295.00