Damage Control

Media Type - DVD

An excellent case study of a major product delivery disaster and a very angry client - all superbly managed by the account manager, who demonstrates exceptional service, communication, problem solving, and leadership skills.

Version 1: Drama only - 7 minutes.
Version 2: With 20 Key Learning Points - 7 minutes

Part 1: The Problem - Anne is furious about the inferior quality of a recent delivery. Tash, the account manager, takes responsibility, listens and apologizes, and commits to solving the problem quickly.

Part 2: Resolving the Problem - Tash investigates the problem internally - without blame, and leads the team to implement a quick solution.

Part 3: Updating the Client - Tash keeps the client informed and outlines the full solution, again apologizing.

Part 4: Ensuring Problem Won't Happen Again - Tash debriefs with the team and invites ideas to improve.

  • Support Material - Workbook with activities and handouts.
    Length - 14 minutes
  • Pricing
    Price - INR 14,750
    Intl. Price - A$ 495.00