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Five Skills for Getting A Yes - Short Version

Featuring Dr. Roger Fisher, Director of the Harvard Negotiation Project, & co-author of Getting To Yes and Beyond Machiavelli

Media Type - DVD
Author - Roger Fisher

In this documentary-based program, Dr. Fisher draws on five real-life examples in organizations as diverse as British Alcan -- where a hostile labor-management settlement had contributed to work stoppages, wage disputes and walkouts that "left a bad taste in everyone's mouth" -- and Boston Public Schools -- where, to maintain business' pledge of support, the nation's oldest public school system had to turn around the effects of urban decay, declining student skills and a rising dropout rate.

With each example, Fisher builds on Harvard Negotiation Project findings and Conflict Management, Inc.'sexperience to reveal, define and illustrate the five essential qualities and behaviors held in common by effective negotiators. Fisher and other CMI professionals guide us through the negotiation process, allowing us to see opposing sides in action. As each case study is developed and negotiating positions, circumstances and partners change, we hear the involved parties describe their own conduct and thinking.

The Five Case Studies:

  • Bob Woolf Associates :  Relationship Applied
  • British Alcan :  Communication Applied
  • Boston Public Schools :  Interests and Options Applied
  • Landmark Graphics Corporation :  Standards Applied
  • South Africa :  All Five Skills Applied

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    Length - 60 minutes
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