Breaking Bullying

Part of the 'Cutting Edge Communication' Series

Media Type - DVD
Author - Eve Ash
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Serena, the company VP is in town to follow up on the aftermath of a reported case of bullying. She puts the challenge to Marcus to stamp out bullying within his department. Marcus finds it hard to believe that there is bullying taking place in his office so Serena provides a definition. Marcus takes a radical approach with the team to help them understand the consequences of bullying. He challenges them to bully each other in front of the group so they can discuss the feelings that arise. Some team members seem rather skilled at the task while others struggle to cope. Marcus reinforces that bullying cannot be tolerated in the team.

  • Don’t  wait for a bullying incident INSTEAD: Make prevention training a priority
  • Don’t be vague about bullying INSTEAD: Clarify what constitutes bullying
  • Don’t ignore the impact of bullying INSTEAD: Ensure everyone feels safe
  • Don’t put up with being bullied INSTEAD: Make sure all bullying is stopped

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  • Length - 8 minutes
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