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Supervising Effectively

Part of the 'Cutting Edge Communication' Series

Media Type - DVD
Author - Eve Ash

Supervision mistakes are being made - Marcus is vague, Carol bullies and gives poor feedback and Serena makes the fatal mistake of starting an inappropriate discussion with Carol because she is attracted to a client. Effective supervision skills are shown and include using goals to achieve results and measuring the success, listening and supporting staff, acknowledging good work and focusing on building skills.


This video explores skills for supervising effectively, and mistakes supervisors often make.

Mistake 1.  Being Vague. Marcus’ management style is vague and unclear.

Skill 1.Use Goals to Achieve Results.  Serena uses goals and actions and measures results.  

Mistake 2.Using Fear Tactics. Carol bullies and blames, making it difficult to work with her.

Skill 2.  Listen and Be Supportive. Marcus is an empathic supervisor who is easy to talk to.

Mistake 3.Giving Poor Feedback.  Carol blunt, often critical without being constructive.

Skill 3.  Acknowledge Good Work.  Serena, Alex and Sam provide explanations.

Mistake 4.  Having Inappropriate Discussions.  Serena divulges to Carol her personal feelings about a client during an office meeting.   

Skill 4.Focus on Building Skills. Good supervisors build strengths and encourage team members to improve on their weaknesses.

  Key Learning Points

"Good supervisors bring out the best in their people. Bad supervisors make people want to leave"


Don’t be vague
INSTEAD: Use goals to achieve results

Don’t use fear tactics
INSTEAD: Listen and be supportive

Don’t give poor feedback
INSTEAD: Acknowledge good work

Don’t have inappropriate discussions
INSTEAD: Focus on building skills

Mistake #1 – Being vague
Skill #1 – Use goals to achieve results

Mistake #2 – Using fear tactics
Skill#2 – Listen and be supportive

Mistake #3 – Giving poor feedback
Skill #3 – Acknowledge good work

Mistake #4 – Having inappropriate discussions
Skill #4 – Focus on building skills

- Accepting Change
- Achieving SMART Goals
- Apologizing Carefully
- Appreciating Diversity
- Arrogance and Humility
- Behaving Unprofessionally
- Being an Employer of Choice
- Boosting Emotional Intelligence
- Brainstorming and Solving
- Breaking Bullying
- Building Relationships
- Coaching New People
- Creating a No-Blame Culture
- Creating Positive Impressions
- Creating Workforce Agility
- Cutting Edge Communication Series - 80 Program Set
- De-Cluttering the Office
- Delivering Sensational Service
- Delivering Training Masterfully
- Developing Successful Mindsets
- Developing Trainer Skills
- Diffusing Anger
- Embracing New Ideas
- Enhancing Service
- Ensuring a Respectful Workplace
- Ensuring Security
- Explaining Skillfully
- Facing Social Media
- Giving Hygiene Feedback
- Giving Managers Feedback
- Global Cultural Awareness
- Handling Anyone Difficult
- Handling the New Wave
- Handling Tricky Appraisals
- Improving Self-Esteem
- Listening Actively
- Looking at Employment Contracts
- Making Decisions
- Managing a Complainer
- Managing Crises
- Managing Projects Effectively
- Managing Remotely
- Managing Time Successfully
- Mastering Social Media
- Mediating for Resolution
- Meeting For Results
- Minimizing Risk
- Navigating Career Change
- Negotiating for Results
- Negotiating for Success
- Overcoming Disempowerment
- Overcoming Fears
- Overcoming Setbacks
- Pitching and Influencing
- Planning and Organizing
- Prejudice and Discrimination
- Preparing for Emergencies
- Preparing for My Appraisal
- Presenting with Passion
- Privacy and Ethical Behavior
- Recruiting the Best
- Removing Tension
- Resolving Conflict
- Responding Thoughtfully
- Sharing Feedback
- Starting Relationship Selling
- Staying Motivated at Work
- Stereotyping and Diversity
- Stretching the Team
- Supervising Effectively
- Supporting Others
- Surviving Stress and Burnout
- Surviving Team Conflicts
- Teaching Greetings
- Transforming SILOS
- Trying Myers-Briggs
- Understanding Accountability
- Unions and Collective Bargaining
- Using Goals to GROW
- Welcoming New People
- Working Safely

  • Support Material - Leader's Guide and PPT slides.
    Length - 9 minutes
  • Pricing
    Price - INR 8,750
    Intl. Price - A$ 275.00