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Passion for Excellence, A

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Media Type - DVD
Author - Tom Peters
Subject(s) - Leadership , Strategy

There is a revolution underway. People are thinking the unthinkable and achieving the impossible. Behind it all are people who have a passion for excellence. Tom Peters In this inspiring program, Tom Peters highlights the creative methods and accomplishments of some of the hang-tough, never-say-die individuals Stew Leonard, who turned the grocery business into a wonderful customer experience; Donald Shafer, as innovative mayor of Baltimore, he sold potholes to promote city restoration; and Air Force Ret. General Bill Creech, who motivated airmen into being better maintenance and support people through the use of medals, medallions and flags.

Program Objectives:
* Target areas of individual competence that determine long-term excellence
* Foster superior, unswerving customer service
* Encourage and support creativity, innovation and risk taking
* Promote caring leadership as an inspiring model of superior performance

AWARDS: Trainer's Gold Honorable Mention; Award of Excellence, Annual Mgt. Film Festival; Finalist, Int'l Film & TV Festival of New York; Australian Training Film Awards

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    Length - 63 minutes
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