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Service With Soul (Short Cut)

Award Winner

Media Type - DVD
Author - Tom Peters
Subject(s) - Customer Service

Consumers and businesses are tight with their pocketbooks, distributors are squeezing us, the marketplace is full of fabulous, quality products... this is not a problem; this is an opportunity - Tom Peters

This new documentary-based training program focuses on five extraordinary businesses
* Southwest Airlines,
* K. Barchetti Shops,
* DeMar Plumbing,
* Nypro, and
* Chicago's Alternative Policing Strategy
to explore today's definition of what constitutes exceptional customer service, how customer closeness is achieved, and what an obsession with customers can do to forward the success of any organization.

Speaking before an audience of executives and trainers, Peters illustrates how different today's customer service expectations are from those of decade ago and what our businesses and organizations must do to meet and exceed those expectations and identifies the shared characteristics, philosophies and reinventions strategies that have put a few organizations at the top of their fields.

AWARDS: Trainer's Gold Selection; Bronze, International TV Association

  • Support Material - Facilitator's Guide with Service With Soul Game.
    Length - 32 minutes
  • Pricing
    Price - INR 11,750
    Intl. Price - US$ 295.00