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Shape of the Winner, The

We are in the midst of what is the most profound change relative to high-growth companies ever.

Media Type - DVD
Author - Tom Peters
Subject(s) - Leadership , Strategy

Peters investigates the new-style winners like * Wal-Mart and * Federal Express, and how they differ from the high-growth companies of the past 50 years. In bringing the "secret strategies" of these companies into the open, Peters discusses the need for innovation and constant improvement driven by the aggressive involvement of all workers.

Program Objectives:
The ten traits of winning organizations
Encourage innovation and risk-taking
Focus on the importance of customer service
Promote a streamlined hierarchy and increased management flexibility
Empower line workers, supervisors and managers with leadership responsibilities

  • Support Material - Leader's Guide & Viewer's Guide
    Length - 68 minutes
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    Price - INR 19,750
    Intl. Price - US$ 495.00