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Speed is Life: Get Fast or Go Broke

Award Winner

Media Type - DVD
Author - Tom Peters
Subject(s) - Leadership , Strategy

Peters proclaims "competing in time" will be the primary battleground for organizations in the years to come. In this revealing program, Peters takes you behind the scenes of four time-obsessed companies that are redefining entire industries _ and boosting profits in the process!
* Titeflex, a high performance, flexible hose maker, brought turnaround time down from four weeks to one day.
* Ingersoll-Rand, a tool manufacturer , slashed new product development from four years to one and tripled its market share.
* CNN, the 24-hour news network, makes decisions in seconds that take competing stations months.
* Union Pacific Railroad eliminated six layers of hierarchy in 120 days, and improved their on-time delivery from 40% to nearly 90%.

Program Objectives:
* Understand the meaning and importance of "competing in time"
* Learn through example, strategies for eliminating or manipulating time-wasting situations and procedures.

AWARDS: Trainer's Gold Honorable Mention; Honorable Mention; American Film and Video Association

  • Support Material - Leader's Guide & Viewer's Guide
    Length - 70 minutes
  • Pricing
    Price - INR 35,750
    Intl. Price - US$ 895.00